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What's for future, if the memories keep playing on your mind occasionally.

Siapa sangka, perkara yang tak pernah terlintas di dalam minda ini berlaku. Sejujurnya, tak pernah ku fikir perasaan ini akan hadir, selama ini ku fikir perasaan yang hadir 4 tahun lalu hilang. 4 tahun lalu, ku hilang kepercayaan terhadap dia kerana seseorang. Tapi kenapa sekarang, perasaan cemburu hadir pabila dia memberitahuku dia sudah berpunya? Sedangkan, selama ini ku tidak ambil peduli tentangnya. You did the bestest job ever nurul. Kalau itu takdirnya, ku redha. Mungkin perasaan ini akan hadir sementara. Mungkin jodohnya. Walauapapun, ku doakan terbaik unutknya, Semoga jodohnya berkekalan. Insya Allah, amin.  Biar perasaan cemburu ini hapus dengan sendirinya, kerana ini semua kesalahanku sendiri. Terima Kasih atas kenangan kenangan lalu.


21st Birthday

On the 6th, i turned 21st! Yeahh, finally someone turn into young lady, insya allah. Turning 21, i think there's a lot of responsibilities I need to handle now, by MYSELF. Yes. No more ayah and mak now. I need to learn to be interdependent lady. No doubt, my sister whose a year younger than me is way way mature than me. Probably because she spend less time with the parent, always busy with her project in her ITE or with her friends. It's 360 degree different than me. I prefer to spend my time with parents, wherever they go even to granny's house i would follow them. Even my younger brother didn't follow us and prefer to play computer games. But then again, doesn't mean i turn 21 i can't spend time with my parent right? I will still follow them out IF they asked me to. If they going to granny's house of course i will still follow them ler. HEHE.

OKAY! Back to the main objective of this post. YES, my 21st Birthday! Like my 17th Birthday, i also planned birthday party again for my 21st. And we planned it last minute too. If i'm not wrong, my mum and I planned it like the early of december which is 1 month away from my birthday. But lucky me, because i didn't need to worry about catering food or anything. Because, my mum did almost everything. We plan, she shop, she cook, she suggest and everything is she. Mum will ask my opinions then after we decided on anything then we will tell my dad. Basically my dad is just a yes or no sir :P I'm really thankful that god give me AWESOME MUM that i can't get anywhere else. My birthday party wouldn't be a success without your help mum. THANK YOU MUM! 

Let's pictures do the talking, shall we. 

My birthday party is very simple one. To gather my friends and celebrate my birthday together. Alhamdulilah, i managed to see all my friend that i invited and some can't able to make it. But it's okkkkkkk! And not forgetting my FB, Twitter and IG friends who wish me. Thank you all for the well warm wishes. May my 21st be the blessed one. With more challenges to come and lastly may i stay healthy always. Amin. 

Instagram #photoofthedaychallenge - January Week 1 - 2

I decided to upload #january Instagram #photoofthedaychallenge for week 1 - 2.
I'll try my very best to update okay! hehe.

Here we go,
Day 1; New Year Resolution

Day 2; Picture of you

Day 3; Favourite holiday activity

Day 4; Nails

Day 5; Book i'm reading

Day 6; Handwriting

Day 7; Hair

Day 8; Landscape

Day 9; Movie you enjoy

Day 10; Water

Day 11; Friends

Day 12; Reason to smile

Day 13; Drink

Till here. 
Probably next update; My 21st Birthday Party

Blogskin? CHANGE!

Like finally, i changed my blogskin. Yes, spend an hour doing it, just now. Well, good job NURUL! And before i forget, as i'm an instagram-holic person too, i'm planning to update blog post with photo i took for the #photoofthedaychallenge . YES! I'm trying to do the #january challenge like what i did last year. But, last year i stop the challenge halfway as it's either i'm lazy or i can't be bother. So how about making my 2013 resolution with doing those photo challenge in Instagram, shall we? HEHE. Stay tuned, readers.


I'm not sure if i need one of those resolution because i always fail to get fulfill my resolution la. Really, been years, every new year i will make resolution. Then, not even half year, i failed. So what's for resolution for 2013 right? Huhu. But, throughout the years I learned i should never repeat the same mistakes ever again, true? 

2012 - I hurt people feelings. Yes, called me mean. I thought i'm just being caring enough or just 'layan' kan when i thought we're just friends. I knew he got feeling for me, but i'm not ready for relationship, just yet. Futhermore, someone who is a year younger than me and who have girlfriend for years. How could i be the one who destroy other relationship right? Although they may not be in good terms but, i just shouldn't. And i get pretty disappointed when he told me, he broke off with his girlfriend. That moment, i really think he shouldnt do that at all. How could? Broke off the relationship he have for years just because of me whom he doesn't know if i would go to him, that's not right. That's when i started avoided him. If he could do that to his ex girlfriend after meeting me. Probably he could do that to me too right when he saw other girl, true? 

I always want the best for my future someone. Perfect like prince charming. Handsome like prince charming. Not forgetting, future imam to family. And you tell me where to find? Okay, put those prince charming aside ok. I don't need too handsome guy for me, because i'm not pretty either. Average looking guy with those quality i mention. 'Mana nak cari?' My answer, only find it in malay dramas, in novel character. AHA :(

And for that, in 2013. I shall stop hurting people's feeling. If i don't like, i just say no right? And maybe, in 2013, start accepting someone who love me, maybe? They said, 'Love someone who love you more than you love someone'.Insya Allah.

Goodbye 2012

HELLO 2013, GOODBYE 2012!


2012 been bitter sweet year for myself. Indeed. Well, what's life without any ups and downs right? Definitely, there's no one in this world would be free from problems. And that's life. No one can never run away from it. Wait, even if you run away from problem, the problem left unsettle and still "haunt" you. So, let me try my upmost best to recap throughout my journey in those 12 months in 2012.


When the year celebrate new year, my age celebrate "new year too, literally. Ohh yeah, i'm January babies! In 2012, i turned 20. Yes, say bye bye to the first digit "1" and hello to "2". Definitely i enjoyed my 20th birthday, no doubt. Put aside the presents i received okay. I believed presents is not that important, it's the thought and well wishes i received that would definitely i appreciated. I received surprises from my family and friends. As i turned 20, i received flowers from my mum for the first time in my life. Yes, my first flower. Sunflower. Yeah, I'm those who doesn't fancy roses as much as other girls does, and i still don't know why i falled for sunflower instead. Probably it's the huge flower than others. Hehe. Mum bought 2 stalks of sunflower which stands for 20th, how sweet.

And i can't forget how my best friend herda and her cousin, unni nisa, create those running man mission for me. Yes, i traveled from RP to dialysis centre to comics connection to banquet restaurant.  Received running man cue card from those places, i went. Doing those small "mission". Those were tiring but definitely a good surprises and new experience for me. Both of them know how much i followed up with running man episode, that's why running man mission were one of the surprise they created. And yahh. Well, i never miss any of RM episode, you know!


Nothing much, i think. Just those normal routine. Weekdays to school. Weekends to work. Ohh yes, I remembered, my part time job which i been working for almost to 3.5 years in WWW change its management. I mean for my department. And like obviously kan, new supervisor. new rules. Till my former supervisor decided to quit her job. Haish. And that's when i doesn't feel lively to come to work now with all those conflict. Maybe i shall quit pretty soon uh? Why work when you're no longer happy there, right? But, those memories :(


I went for two weeks trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia for International Service Learning by RP. That's was my first plane ride. Away from SINGAPORE for the first time, that long. Being put in the kampong place really seem an eye opener for me, really. I mean i was brought up living in the city, and i never stay at kampung before because my families doesnt even have kampung in malaysia either. Definitely it's difficult for me to adapt myself to the area, like seriously. Even before i fly off, i thought that the kampung i will be living in for two week have those kampung style toilet because you know cambodia isn't a developed country yet right. But i'm so lucky, my group got ourselves toilet attach to our bedroom. Thank god, the toilet really look like singapore's toilet. HAHA. Yes, those seated toilet bowl not those squats one. phew. Soon, I managed to adapt well in the environment with the help of friends around me. Of course, i'm  homesick. And I think, i'm seem the only one who called my mum every two days and talk for an hour long on phone. Yes, i did that. Well, it's my first time away for that long right, in thousand miles apart, you see. Of course i miss my family, friends in singapore kan. If you see my previous post, i wrote my journey to cambodia though with pictures too, BUT it's only halfway. Nahh, too busy that time to write my experiences or rather lazy. Hehe.


Guess what, it's the start of my Year 3 in Republic Polytechnic YO!!  WOHOOO. Alhamdulilah. This means i'm only left with like less than a year till i graduate. Time really past too fast, right! And this marked my last semester in RP too, because i'll be away for internship in 2nd semester. How sad. I still 'tak puas' studying in RP. Why? Because i got myself great company in RP. But good things always end fast right.

May - June - July 


I shall not say we argue, we fight because i also doesn't know the main reason why we became like this. Maybe, we rarely meet and contact with each other. Maybe. Cut short, shall we :')


Final year project presentation. You know how much we been together as a team for 4 months to do our project. All public holidays are burned, all thanks to FYP. But i guess, all those sacrifices worth it, really. Even during fasting month, we stayed after class for FYP. Had our 'buka puasa' together with other group. Do our zuhur, asar, maghrib prayers together. That's why friendship were bonded despite everyone of us in different class. But alhamdulilah, i'm done and over with FYP. Ohh, our project about Infant Sleep Monitor btw. A lil straight forward because we only focus on EEG brain waves unlike other fyp group.


Again, away from singapore, Student overseas trip to Bangkok, Thailand with my awesome DBME coursemates. Really really good trip. You know why because those one week were 70% shopping. 30% learning. HAHA. We did hospitals visits, to toyota factory to university visit. And hopefully, i'll go bangkok again 2013, maybe. Not enough shopping laa. Why, because in a small group of us when doing shopping, i'm the only girl you know. Seriously guys can never wait for girl to shop. Haish. How to shop peacefully when everytime i shopped, 10 mins later one of them will approached asking 'Are you done yet, done?' Good memories.

15 October, the start of my internship. Way before interns start, I always thought my company will be those big big company but nahh, just two classroom size, my intern company. HAHA. I have difficulty to adapt first two weeks working there. Of course, imagine, we have to do PCB related which not even my cup of tea despite i scoring pretty well for that module last semester. Well, i need to Just 'tahan' for four month there, and say bye bye to the small company and to poly life too.And after intern over, which means "unofficia": graduate already NURUL!

November - December.

This is, Wrap up for my 2012!